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PTB Passive Treble and Bass
PTB Passive Treble and Bass

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What is it?
This is a pre-wired stratocaster wiring harness upgrade. Direct fit for American or Mexican Fender Stratocasters. The main feature on this harness is the passive treble and bass control (most stock strats only have treble tone control). Hand wired with the highest quality parts and cleanest solder connections from a professional guitar tech. This wiring harness will give you even and balanced volume/tone roll off and a deeper control of your sound.

-The middle tone is wired as a master treble control with a .022 Sprauge Orange Drop capacitor.

-The bottom tone is wired as a master bass control. This is one of my favorite mods! It cuts the low end frequencies without affecting the upper mids or highs. It produces a clearer and cleaner signal that can be very usesful in controling and finding your favorite tones. I find it very affective when using lots of delay (especially with the break up of anolog). Cuting the bass brings detailed texture with more clarity. I also use it a lot with a wah pedal for a cleaner and more balanced frequency sweep. It has a big affect on how the pickups interact with distortion or over drive pedals. I sometimes like to turn the gain up on the pedal and use the bass knob as a secondary gain control. When you lower the bass the signal cleans up and is less distorted.

-3 x vintage style cts 250k pots (cts makes the highest quality poteniometers with consistant readings and smooth taper).
-.022mfd Sprague orange drop capacitor (produces a smooth and even treble roll off when cutting back on the tone controls)
-Vintage style pull back cloth wire (7 strand 22 gauge wire for the clearest signal path)
-Fender Vintage Stratocaster Aluminum Shielding Plate
-mater volume control
-master middle treble tone control
-mater bottom bass tone control
-CRL USA made 5 way Switch (CRL makes the most reliable and durable switches).